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Library to allow perdition to access PostgreSQL based popmaps


This package depends on: libc6 (>= 2.4), libpq5 (>= 8.4~), libvanessa-adt1 (>= 0.0.9), libvanessa-logger0 (>= 0.0.6), perdition (= 1.19~rc4-4build1).

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perdition-postgresql 1.19~rc4-4build1 is in ubuntu - precise / universe. This package's architecture is: amd64.

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/usr/ root:root 0o755
/usr/lib/ root:root 0o755
/usr/lib/libperditiondb_postgresql.a application/x-archive root:root 0o644 8.5 KB
/usr/lib/libperditiondb_postgresql.la text/plain root:root 0o644 1.1 KB
/usr/lib/libperditiondb_postgresql.so.0 root:root 0o777
/usr/lib/libperditiondb_postgresql.so.0.0.0 application/x-sharedlib root:root 0o644 10.2 KB
/usr/sbin/ root:root 0o755
/usr/sbin/perditiondb_postgresql_makedb text/x-shellscript root:root 0o755 7.3 KB
/usr/share/ root:root 0o755
/usr/share/doc/ root:root 0o755
/usr/share/doc/perdition-postgresql/ root:root 0o755
/usr/share/doc/perdition-postgresql/changelog.Debian.gz root:root 0o777
/usr/share/doc/perdition-postgresql/copyright text/plain root:root 0o644 529 bytes
/usr/share/man/ root:root 0o755
/usr/share/man/man8/ root:root 0o755
/usr/share/man/man8/perditiondb_postgresql_makedb.8.gz application/gzip root:root 0o644 790 bytes